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Featured 3D Model Artist - qlee
Qlee has been working in the 3d industry since 1999 and in 2002 started freelance work for advertising agencies, architectural offices and computer simulation developers. Qlee specialises in technical modelling and creates various high quality vehicles, technical installations, machines and architectural visualisations.

Qlee has a large range of 3d assets on sale at Falling Pixel all of which are modelled to a superb standard with efficient meshes and are fit for all purposes.
Featured Artist PerspectX
PerspectX, based in Utah, USA; focuses on high quality, advanced 3D visualisations that never fail to impress.

PerspectX has a very large and high quality 3D collection here on Falling Pixel; with a comprehensive range of vehicles, from marine craft to NASA space shuttles.

PerspectX's assets all come in a variety of formats, including .3ds & .obj making them ideal for any software package upon purchase.
 75 Beach People Textures Textures
€ 48.00
3D Adriana Model
€ 100.00
3D Airbus A300 Lufthansa Model
€ 99.95
3D VW Golf V Model
€ 121.95
3D Sports Shoes #02 White Model
€ 60.00
3D Pumpjack Model
€ 40.00
3D Horten HO229 A 1 German Fighter WWII Model
€ 40.00
3D Peugeot RCZ 2011 Model
€ 79.00
3D Volkswagen Touareg 2011 Model
€ 99.00
3D Volvo XC90 R design (2009) Model
€ 99.00
3D Citroen C3 2010 Model
€ 79.00
3D Infiniti Essence Model
€ 109.00
3D Balloon basket and gas tank Model
€ 38.00
 bird's eye collection Textures
€ 50.00
3D MAN TGX Model
€ 110.00
3D Helipad Model
€ 32.00
3D 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Model
€ 79.90
3D Food collection Model
€ 32.00
3D TV news studio Model
€ 54.00
3D Eurofighter Typhoon Model
€ 140.95
3D Cervical Spine Model
€ 50.00
3D APE Piaggio 3D Model Model
€ 135.00
3D Mercedes E Class Model
€ 121.95
3D Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Model
€ 60.00
3D Mercedes Sprinter II Van Long Model
€ 79.00
3D Mercedes Sprinter II Van Model
€ 79.00
3D Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier  Model
€ 149.00
3D safety helmet Model
€ 32.00
3D Street Elements Collection Model
€ 65.00
 Evergreen Collection Textures
€ 52.00